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Our primary mission is to turn customer relations into greater satisfaction and gain the loyalty of your customers and employees.

Acting as a CRM & Marketing agency, we develop affinity programs that meet your expectations, and are customized according to the profile of each client.

Our concierge team makes every request their top priority, and enriches your database with all the resulting information that results: customer preferences, lifestyle, personal data, …

This information allows us to offer each of your clients an ultra-personalized service, and gives you an undeniable advantage in the targeting of your customers.

The group


Generali Concierge Services is a 100% subsidiary of the Europ Assistance Group, which is owned by the Generali Group. This membership gives it a unique expertise in terms of customer relationships.



Generali is a leading global player in the insurance sector. Europ Assistance is the founder of the assistance services. The reference.



To offer, throughout the world, a disruptive proposition in terms of services, speaking of insurance, assistance, customer relations, loyalty program and satisfaction.

Our services


Establishing a personalized and sustainable relationship with each client and employee is a priority for Generali Concierge Services. Our mission is to save your customers, employees and expatriates time ; to facilitate their daily lives and to strengthen your brand through innovative relationship programs and expert CRM tools.


Because each customer is unique, we offer more than one service. We invite him to discover a new way of living the daily life, constantly benefiting from a service of excellence with the know-how of a personal assistant at his side.


Throughout the world, thanks to the Group’s network, we offer the best services and products, with exclusive advantages in privileged conditions to meet your customers’ expectations in terms of time savings and support.


With initial training and continuing your core business, our dedicated teams are able to support you in creating a strong bond with your customers and employees, by providing a complementary service to your offer, differentiating to enrich your image and retain your best customers.


Your brand is at the heart of the relationship. Our tools, processes and services integrate perfectly with your world and rely on the creation of tailor-made relational and affinity programs delivered in multichannel and white label.


Our BtoBtoC model is designed to enrich and differentiate your offer in highly competitive segments and markets. Our mission is to save your clients time and accompany them in their daily lives through a value-added relationship based on usage.

“Each customer

is unique in its requests

and expectations




24h/24, 7D/7 multilingual


Unique know how


Digital approach


Global network


Service of excellence

Our expertise

Expert CRM

The Digital Revolution of Concierge Services! Based on the latest technologies, Generali Concierge Services’ mission is to foster customer relationships through better customer knowledge, simplified and fluid routes and highly customized marketing animations.

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“To enrich knowledge and fidelity
of your best customers”

“To make every experience
a priviledged moment”

Your White label premium Concierge service

To offer a qualitative customer relationship implies high requirements when recruiting concierges. Each is chosen depending on expertise and goodwill criteria. In addition to their relational competencies and their experiences, we train them to fit our activity, making each of them experts in their field.

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Custom-made Relationship programs

Our integrated marketing agency organizes your relationship program to ensure the best opportunities, to be aware of trends and their setters, to identify exceptional locations, services and events, and most of all to negotiate with them the best advantages we can offer to clients.

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“To create a stronger link
with each client ”

“We take care of
the well-being of each”

Expatriate Accompaniment

At Generali Concierge Services, we also assist your expatriates in their installation, their personal and professional development abroad: learning the local language, the customs and habits of the host country, discovering essential places, … And because one Expatriate is more than a simple employee, we participate in the integration of his family in the host country by finding, for example, a school for his children.

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Charlie, your new efficient and intelligent assistant by Generali Concierge Services.

With "Charlie", Generali Concierge Services reaches a new level of innovation As the European leader in high-end concierge services, Generali Concierge Services places innovation at the heart of its concerns in order to always better serve its clients. With many years...
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Generali Concierge Services

Partners for the best

La Liste et Generali Concierge Services, Partenaires pour le meilleur ! Des partenariats mondiaux exclusifs et une agence marketing intégrée pour des services 100% personnalisés. Afin d’offrir à ses clients des expériences exceptionnelles, uniques et façonnées selon...
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Generali Concierge Services : votre concierge à l’ère digitale Témoignage paru sur le site Quel est le symbole du service client idéal ? N'est-ce-pas ce majordome impeccable, connaissant parfaitement les habitudes de chaque membre d'un foyer ? Où ce...
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To embellish your client’s daily life

A family cruise

Finding a sailboat for 6 people with a captain and a hostess available in August at the last moment is not an easy task… Marc called his Concierge and a great cruise around Corsica awaits for him and his family.

The backstage of the castle

Hervé is a passionate of history, especially of a king who marked the history of France, Louis XIV. His concierge arranged a private tour of the rooms and secret rooms of the Palace of Versailles.


A night in an igloo

For their 10 years anniversary, Charles and Hélène spend a week in Sweeden. Charles is looking for an idea for a unique night to offer his wife. His Concierge suggests a night in an igloo, for which it will provide transfer using snowmobiles as well as a romantic dinner surrounded by reindeers.

A bib for the New York marathon

Julie wants to run in the famous New York marathon but was not able to register on time. Her concierge finds her a bib and organizes her trip.

A Chef at home

Valérie and Philippe are throwing a dinner party. Valérie has a very busy work schedule and does not have time to prepare anything. Her Concierge finds her a Chef that is able to come to her home, which will allow guests to enjoy their meals while a babysitter is taking care of the kids.

An unforgettable birthday

Christelle wants to organize a unique birthday party for her husband. Her Concierge suggests different unusual locations: ancient quarries, old theatre, boat, and organizes the party and themed menus.

A VIP pass for the concert

Jacques is a keen music lover. His favorite artist is giving a unique concert but naturally all the tickets are sold out. His Concierge knows his taste and anticipated by reserving two VIP passes, just in case…

Generali Concierge Services team is available to respond to all your demands.
From a simple taxi or restaurant reservation to the organization of a custom-made trip, your Concierge is the starting point for all of your wishes. He will make all your demands his top priority in the hope of satisfying you.

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